Donor Update – 1/11/10

Email excerpt from my Bone Marrow Donor Coordinator:

I have found potential MUD [Matched Unrelated Donor] donors but I just requested the samples to be sent here for testing to see if they are fully matched. The samples are kept in the individual registry repository I do not have any planned arrival dates from the samples that are requested at this time. Once the sample arrives it can take 10-14 days before we know if it is a match.

The underlines for emphasis are mine. Updates will follow as they are received.


10 thoughts on “Donor Update – 1/11/10

  1. Kam

    Great, I will pray that the samples will be a full match:) Great news at the Drs today. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    Love YOU


  2. Jordan

    That is amazing news! We’ll keep hoping and praying for a full match.

    BTW – stuck at BWI waiting for my flight. Wish I had the time to come say hello :)



  3. Chihi

    I heard that great news from Meggi. It is great! I also read your Bloodwish story and thought I can do something for others. Actually I donates blood sometimes. I keep doing that and I will register for Bone marrow registry. Thank you Big Brother. You always tell me something special.




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