New Writing Project

We’re getting close to going live with my next writing project. In anticipation, I just want to let you know that it’s gonna start getting a little more political and controversial around here.

With that, a word or two should be mentioned about how information on public pages, such as this, are now managed by facebook. Because fb has been having such a hard time with its valuation since it went public, it is struggling to find new ways to make money. One way they’ve implemented is to throttle all public posts, such as this, in an effort to get the owner, such as me, to pay fb to promote them. Consequently, my posts here are hardly reaching any of the 13K plus subscribers to this page. While it has always been a rather subdued crowd here anyway, fb has found a way to doubly subdue the mood. That said, it still is incumbent upon me to offer interesting and engaging content for you all to enjoy. That’s my charter and challenge to myself: to write stuff you want to read. It is my hope that my new writing project will meet that challenge. Stay tuned…we’ll find out soon enough.


who are the heroes
heroes of dystopia
who will rise the dawn

[This post originally appeared on facebook]


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