2 Replies to “#SandyHelp”

  1. I just attemopted to do something simple and found that it was virtually impossible to accomplish… that was to donate to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. I do not have one of those $100 per month smart phones but I do have the internet. I am not connected to Itunes so I could not use itunes.com/redcross. It wanted me to download the itunes program before I could do anything. Redcross.org website could not handle the influx of web traffic. Nedless to say you lost a great opportunity to get lots of donations for a great cause right here at home in the USA.


  2. Thanks for trying, Andy. I hope you continue to make the effort to help those who are making the incredible effort just to survive this catastrophe. As for the websites, I am sure they are overwhelmed with those compassionate souls like you who are trying to donate. As as for the smartphone, you don’t need one to send a text message. Any mobile phone will do. Thanks again, Andy, and please keep trying.



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