Do Not Moderate Me

What are you afraid of?

7 Replies to “Do Not Moderate Me”

  1. That after I die all of my unpublished picture book manuscripts will be tossed in the trash, making me as unknown in death as I was in life. Yes, I’m feeling down today.


  2. Moderated comments are the illusion of controlling what someone else might type and any number of others might see. It is the equivalent of a one-way valve, a two away mirror or a membrane that only allows certain things passage. It is also insecurity, or fear of flamers or spammers or self-promoters. To moderate is also to approve or deny therefore putting more illusions of power.
    I have chosen to type this.
    When I hit publish, I will find out if you choose to moderate before or after…because you could delete this once it is published anyway (I think) but somehow I do not believe you are worried about what I have to say.

    But maybe I’m really scary. You never know for sure online ;)

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    1. It frustrates me because most of the sites I visit are writer’s sites. It seems to me that of any site on the internet, a writer’s site would embrace language in all its forms and would be the last to govern.

      I would much prefer it, language, comment responses, be shared freely, whether positive or profane, and then, like you said, delete only in the absolute worst case scenario.

      But, again, like you said, it’s a mad crazy world and sometimes, as the old saw goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

      Anyway, I guess I’m stuck having to be surprised once I hit that “post comment” button as to whether or not I will be held in purgatory until judged.

      And I guess I’m stuck being frustrated every time I am…especially when it’s done by fellow writers.

      Great response, Jessica.
      Write on…


      1. I hear you, Kurt…erm no I suppose I see you?

        Reading your response triggered something else, another thought.

        Many writers are quite sensitive. Perhaps blogging is by and large an introvert’s realm? I wonder…internet provides anonymity, a safetynet, a blanket of protection. But because it is a bit anonymous, people might be far more willing to be vulnerable. Moderating comments is a way to limit the publicity of any vulnerability being exposed. So maybe for some, it is a necessary component to allow total freedom of expression in their writing.

        Have you seen the tedtalk by Brene Brown on vulnerability? Makes me cry every time, but I’m an easy crier high on empathy…

        Which reminds me, I also meant to respond to MJ…hope your week turns around. I’ve been having a stressy week as well. Sending a cyber-friendly-hug and some support your way…

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