Hercules Gone Mad Book Cover
When the World Order collapses…

When the Revolution of Neo-Collectivism prevails…

When the Angel of Death strikes out for its final, global purging…

What is a disgraced Special Forces Warrior to do?


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Hello, friends. I am releasing HERCULES GONE MAD and each subsequent book of the HEROES OF DYSTOPIA saga in serialized format, as books were once released in the classic tradition of science fiction writing of days past. I am doing this so that, hopefully, I can get new editions out to you quickly, get your feedback, and incorporate that feedback just as quickly into subsequent editions. Consequently, your feedback and support will be critical to this serialized process. The stories will first be available as ebooks, and then, once all parts of each book have been released, as a completed print edition book.

Each serialized edition of this and subsequent books will be initially released exclusively from Amazon for its Kindle reader. Depending on their success, they will then be released in all other major ebook formats (Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, IBook, etc.), in addition to a print edition. If you do not have an ebook reader, you can download the free Kindle app from Amazon and read the book online, on your phone, or whatever your preferred reader may be.

If you would like to contact me to discuss my writing, such as providing me feedback on how I can improve the HEROES OF DYSTOPIA saga, or anything else germane to our mutual interests, you can drop me a line by visiting kurtbrindley.com/contact/ and filling out the form, by leaving a comment on the HEROES OF DYSTOPIA page, or by emailing me directly at me@kurtbrindley.com.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my work. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, stay tuned for Part Two of HERCULES GONE MAD. It’s coming soon!

Get your free copy of PART ONE: Rebels for Love here
Read an excerpt here


      1. No right idee, this whole blog and social media thing seems to be mainly english-minded..I will try to read it in english first. Of course people could be found, but good translators wouldn’t do it for free. H.


        1. Guess I’m just a slave to technology then – gonna have to wait until there’s a good robot translator. The only thing google translate is good for is a laugh. Anyway, if you let me know your email address either here or through my contact page, I’ll send you a copy of part one. Just let me know what format: kindle – .mobi or ibook/and the rest – .epub or pdf.

          You’re lucky to be a visual artist – it transcends all language barriers. Love your work.


          1. OK, book’s in the mail.

            Will have to check out the Brodkey work (provided it’s written in English ;) )

            Stay in touch, H.

            P.s. – wish you’d put the Like buttons on your posts for your artwork so we can show our appreciation for it, even as superficial as it may seem to be…


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