The Angel In the Cracked Mirror

It’s hard not to be aware of a crack in the mirror; just as it’s equally hard not to recall how the crack came into being each time the crack is noticed. Yet, as distractive as both the crack and the cause of its infliction were, she didn’t mind. She much rather preferred to have cause to be distracted by the crack and the sad story it had to tell than have to constantly be made aware of what it was the mirror actually was insistent upon revealing to her each time she stood before it.

The crack, initially not much to notice, began at the bottom left corner of the mirror—your standard medicine cabinet mirror (nothing fancy)—and extended upward and diagonally toward the center, and, for the time being, stopped its ascent right where the left corner of her mouth appeared whenever she had cause, or took pause, to look at herself in the mirror.

Awareness is a tricky thing: She was obviously aware of what was found in the mirror—the crack, her reflection, and all the sad stories they both had to tell—but she was not aware of her awareness. While, because of the larger mirror that was set over the sink behind her she was aware of the infinitely expanding reflections of herself in the cracked mirror, she was not yet aware of all that she saw. As a result, she did not see her infinitely expanding universal self: an expanding awareness of everything there is to know; an expanding awareness of everything that is not known; an expanding awareness of everything that is unknowable.

Everything was revealed for her in that cracked mirror and she saw it all for herself; yet, still, she remained unaware that she was aware, preferring, instead, to let her self be distracted by the crack and the sad story it had to tell.


2 thoughts on “The Angel In the Cracked Mirror

  1. Scott Danzig

    The concept of being aware of your awareness is intriguing. I think of it in terms of a poker game. Being aware of what you’re aware of, and what you might not be aware of, is just as important. But it’s a nice twist here that implies the opposite. That next level of awareness is undesirable. I would read this as a human’s need and perhaps yearning for simplicity, to live a life free of complications, so you truly can live in the moment. But then the title of this piece refers to an “angel”, which takes it to another level. It makes you reflect not on an individual life, but all of humanity. What weighs upon the spirit of this winged warrior of light so heavily? The awareness embodied in the reflection is a reflection of us, not the angel.

    That’s the way I took it, anyway!

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