Do Not Put Out To Sea

Do not put out to sea
if the fathoms fear your heart
or the waves crashing
the bow would be the horrifying start
of your decent unto the depths
of the mind’s cavernous holds

the unsolicitous brigs of silent solitude

Do not put out to sea
where the horizon never ends
and where the gull drifting
the wind with listless certitude tends
to veer the vessel off its course
and unto the desperate grip of the impatient settling shoal

if you’re ne’er true to the navigable stars of the sacred sky

Do not put out to sea
if to you a wake is nothing but the past
an impression of the moment faintly there
and then forgotten, ne’er does it last
unless cast in poignancy and pain
and set upon the mantle of despair

for it is the way, the calming captain of the morrow’s mind