If I could marry Netflix I would…

But since I’m already happily married and I don’t live in the Middle East, or Utah, I can’t.

Anyway, right now I’m a bit miffed and a lot impatient with my favorite little binge bot.

When is Netflix going to release Season Six of Sons of Anarchy?!

I mean, c’mon…

I’ve already watched the first five seasons…twice.

The only thing I can say is thanks be to the movie gods seeing that they just released Season Four of The Walking Dead.

That should keep me entertained.

For about sixteen hours, anyway.

Binge, hut…


You can read my Walking Dead interview here

You can read my SOA review here.

Sons of Anarchy

16 Replies to “If I could marry Netflix I would…”

  1. Hi i’m a walking dead fan, am trying to click the link your interview but it seems not working? Should I be able to click it? you might want to check your link.

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    1. Sorry, it’s a joke…a rather bad one, I see. If you hover the cursor over the “here” link it says that I’m just kidding, I don’t have a WD review yet.

      Mulling over one though…

      Thanks for letting me know, anyway. :)


      1. A little sick too with the Katie Sagal (his wife) scenes from a few years back, gave me the heebie geebie’s for days. The worst I encountered in my club was breaking up a fight between a baseball bat and an idiot. No fight but gained respect for being a hardass…those were the days :)

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    1. Ah, so that explains some of the distance I’ve been feeling from her lately. Or at least until she finally put the new season of Foyle’s War up.

      Thank you very much for the follow and especially for nice compliment. Dude, I swear, if I could marry you…


      1. Hey Kurt, great to hear from you! You wit wets my imagination! I have to admit I have not partaken of Foyle’s War but will definitely take a look – based upon your follow of it. Although my time gets so shrunk most of the time I must delve more into your writings. Just a cursory look over your blog alone sparks my mind. Cheers!
        PS I suppose if the lady NF agrees there is always an ‘open’ marriage.

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