And by me I mean us.

At least those of us who learned as children that Sticks and Stones Can Break Our Bones But Words Can Never Hurt Us…

Okay, maybe sometimes words can hurt but that is not the point.

Okay, maybe that is the point but so what?

We’re Writers, right?

And if you’re not a Writer (which has to be just about impossible if you are posting stuff online) then you’re a Poet or an Artist or some kind of Creator who turns dreams into magical data streams for the world to observe and appreciate.

And as Creators, aren’t we the ones who are supposed to be leading the way to the Ideal?

Aren’t we supposed to be the voice of those who have no voice, or who have no means, or freedom, to express that voice?

If so, then what are most of you out there afraid of?

Okay, based upon my exceedingly-less-than-scientific observations, this post should either offend or illuminate just about every WordPress Content Creator, i.e., blogger, out there.

And my gut (where my science is explored and calculated) is telling me that most of you will mostly be in the “offend” camp.

I would say easily ninety-percent of the comments I leave in response to a thought provoking post have to first be approved or moderated by the site’s Creator before they are published.

Why would you, you the Writer and/or Poet and/or Artist, you the Creator, why would you do that?

What are you afraid of?


Are you getting so many responses to your posts that the evil hoards of Trolls have taken up arms (Words) against you in an evil effort to suppress your magic and genius?

Probably not.

But if you are, congratulations are in order.

To me, the evil Trolls are just a sign that you made it. You are a success.

Your voice is being heard.

And that is a good thing.

And we all know, because Ms Yin and Mr Yang tell us so, that with the good comes the bad.

In all honestly, I can’t wait until the Trolls come after me.

Bring it.


You know what I see whenever, which is almost always, I get that little message that says my comment has to first be approved/moderated?

I see fear.

I see you hiding in the shadows cast by the glow of the light of your computer screen.

I see you shaking in your pajamas, afraid of what someone might say in response to your artistic genius.



Yeah, maybe.

But while you are busy screening and redacting all the comments you are receiving, there are people all around the world fighting, and dying, to be heard.

To have a voice.

To not be moderated.

What, you think I’m being a little melodramatic?

You think it doesn’t matter whether or not you screen your comments.

If so, then I think you are being very, very (adverbs…yeah, I know) naive.

Law of Attraction, my little insecure genius…


At a minimum, first impressions matter.

What is one to think of you when their first interaction with you involves you first having to do a security check on them?

Trust issues, is what I think.

But then again, some of you may not even know that you are the Putin of your very own Police State.

You may be suppressing freedom and free speech literally (yes I said literally…because I mean it!) around the globe and not even know it.

So, for all the Freedom and Free Speech Lovers around the world (of WordPress), here is all you have to do to fight back against the evil forces of oppression:

Go to your Dashboard, click on Settings, click on Discussion, and then please, please, please, if checked, uncheck the Comment must be manually approved and Comment author must have a previously approved comment boxes.

Do it and I guarantee you will feel empowered knowing that you are not afraid of all the evil forces that are out there just waiting for the right time to attack.

And if you are afraid, it’s okay.

We all are to some degree.

Because, let’s face it, Words really can hurt.

And that’s a little scary.

But when the attack comes, and it will, be ready for it by building up your arsenal of creativity now.

Rise Up! to the challenge.

Work like a possessed ninja on your Writing and/or your Poeting and/or Arting skills.

Use The Force.

Be the Creation.

And when the attack comes, destroy it with Creativity and Expression!

And if that doesn’t work, you ask.

Fuck it…just delete it.

Like the Boss Moderator that you are.

Power To The Putin

39 Replies to ““PRO” TIP – DO NOT MODERATE ME!”

  1. I liked your post, because it was well written and an honest stance. I do require moderation on my blog, but not for any of the reasons you state. I do it for spam. In other blogs I have had unmoderated comment opened up an annoying, time consuming bunch of spam. Sure, spam can be deleted, it is just a pain. Sites that are cluttered with spam look like the owners don’t care about their sites.

    I have no fear of disagreement. I’ve looked for constructive criticism. I have no fear of telling an asshole they are an asshole, politely or not.

    For over three years I was trolled online by my own personal troll, too. It is a pain in the ass.

    One thing that doesn’t appear to work on my blog, though, and I do need to look into it, is that supposedly you can moderate once and if you approve the author you shouldn’t have to approve any more. That function doesn’t seem to be working.

    I found your views to be interesting and thought-provoking enough to consider taking the moderation off. But as soon as the spam starts flowing in, I’d change it back.

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    1. You know, I didn’t even think about the spam when writing this and probably should have. The reason I didn’t think about it probably is because I rarely get any. Every once in a blue moon I do on a couple of my other sites…but not here…not yet, anyway.

      I’m glad you’re taking on the trolls. For the most part they’re nothing but bullies and bullies tend to fall apart when someone pushes back.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, the good feedback, and the nice comments.


  2. Kurt, thank you for telling me how to turn off the comment moderator. Being fairly new to WordPress, moderating comments was set as a default on the Blog To Oblivion. My blog has now been liberated from my Putinesque comment moderation. Cheers.

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  3. I, as with Laura, moderate mine due to the spam aspect. If you have something negative to say, I’ll approve it. It is after all only considerate due to you having spent the time reading my commentary that I pass along yours, whether I agree or not.

    I have set it so that once I approve a comment from someone, it allows them to post again without moderation. I prefer that method because instead of a random mass of nameless people, I get a chance to peruse the works of the new commentator (not that I get so many people reading my blog, but.. hey, it could happen)

    Other then that, I totally understand where you are coming from.

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  4. How very contrarian of you. Good on you for advocating the marketplace of ideas and that free speech should be tolerated. I’m all for it in the public sphere. However, WordPress isn’t a public forum, and I don’t mind having my comments moderated. For me, free speech doesn’t absolve me of responsibility for what I say. Not everyone shares this view, and that’s okay: it’s their blog space. The blogger/creator has a right to be the gatekeeper of his/her own space. They decide whether to engage and if commentary is conducive to their overall vision of their blog. Just as I have a right to unfollow a blog if I feel it’s not worth my time.

    But, you’re right that we can always use the delete button. However, I need as many brain cells as I can get just to breathe some days – why waste creative time and energy on spam and trolls? I’m a bad Trollhunter, and I’ve failed your challenge :-(

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    1. I’ll take it that you mean “contrarian” in a good way, right? Either way…I’m not sure I follow you when you say “.WordPress isn’t a public forum…” It isn’t? Do you have your site set to private? Then if so, this post should not apply to you, as that would be the ultimate gatekeeping.

      But yeah, I agree, we as the Site Masters control the destiny of our sites. I certainly cannot make anyone do anything online, but I sure can advocate for the marketplace of ideas and free speech, as you so poetically described it. And I surely will. :)

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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      1. No, contrarian (did I misspell that, sheesh low brain cells) in a good way to spark debate.

        And I meant public forum in the strict sense that the government/people own it; and hence, have a public platform for freedom of assembly, debate and speech without fear of government censorship (at here in the US). From what I understand, WordPress is a private organization with rules and regulations/terms of service you have to follow even if your blog is “free.”

        Anyway, thanks for letting us comment.

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  5. I know the spam aspect has already been brought up (one of the reason’s I’ve decided to moderate), but the other is purely self-serving. If I have to approve a comment it means I have to take the moment to read it, and therefore might as well just take the moment (as well) to respond to it. It’s a built in reminder to myself that I want to respond to the comments. Otherwise I’m likely to see that they are there, and then forget in the blur of the day that I had intended to read and respond. All non-spam (and non-duplicate) posts get approved. And if I “edit” a post for any reason (really, they give us such power!) I will mention in my response that I have done so, and why.
    My two cents :)

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  6. Kurt,
    i enjoyed your post very much and in principle you are right. Spam is a pain is the arse and unfortunately are comments that hurl personal abuse at the blogger and have nothing to do with the post – i’ve had a share of those and i’m not going to tolerate them.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. Hello Kurt!
      I love this post. My reasons for moderating align with the previous ones posted. I’d been stalked for a long time to an almost criminal degree. So that added to my decision to moderate comments. I don’t need the added stress of babysitting infantile, online trolls with serious mental issues (no seriously, they have mental issues) who have no jobs and take pleasure in tormenting me. I’d rather allow thought provoking debate, even if they disagree with my views.

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      1. Hello unsaintly. Well, I’ll have to wait and see how it goes. To see what it’s really like when the Trolls attack. As of yet, I don’t have the “problem” of having so many comments to wade through that I can’t manage it.

        And it may already be showing through…but I kinda like a wee bit o’ confrontation.

        Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. Really appreciate it.


  7. From my experience, the best way to deal with bullies is to give them no chance to be heard. It defeats their entire purpose. That’s different than someone disagreeing with me; that I can handle. So … Keeping it on moderate. But I ain’t skeered.

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    1. Well, like I said a bit earlier, until I get the high volumes of comments you must be receiving, I’ll have to wait and see.

      I don’t want to put bars on the window until I am actually scared.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, intuitivemeditation.


  8. Guilty! I totally blog in my pajamas! I really love your blog- a lot of your “isms” remind me of my retired AF dad: humor and snark with a whole heap of fun. Thank you for this post-especially because I didn’t even know that setting was a thing, let alone how to correct it.

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    1. Geez, sarahthespaz, thank you very much for leaving such a kind and humorous comment for me. It really means a lot to me to hear that you are enjoying this blog. And because you’re so nice, I will not give your dad a hard time for joining the AF instead of the military. :) TELL DAD I AM JUST JOKING! But, I’m sure he understands since that’s the typical inter-service way of how we express our gratitude toward for each other.

      Thanks again, sarahthespaz. Stay both forever cool and forever pajama’d…


  9. You make some very good points and I may get the courage to take the moderator off. I like getting the e-mail prompt when I get a comment, and responding back. It seems like most of my spam is filtered out into a spam box, so I am not sure if taking off the moderator button would change that. I don’t get that many comments or views, so I probably need to step up my game so I have something to actually worry about :). Thanks!

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  10. I am starting to understand your view, but not the emotion behind it. I kind of shrug at moderated blogs. I don’t recall having any of my comments un- approved. But then I don’t go back to look either, that’s like looking at tissue after

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  11. Like muslims complain if their children are subjected to a Bible in school, they also moderate the internet. Talk about stacking the words in their favor. They complain if any children are shown a Bible. “Like you say ” , , , , , words will never hurt me.”

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  12. Hi Kurt. I accept you have a good point re moderating comments, where you mean (by ‘moderating’) not allowing them to be seen.
    I have mine set just as you ask us to not do. I moderate only a person’s first comment – and Only because I don’t want to be trolled by shills promoting their “skills” in writing My content! For a Fee, of course. On a different blog, for which I did not moderate, I found for one post alone, eight shills commenting and re-commenting to sell their service.
    My way stops them coming back.
    But, one thing you Have made me decide is…I Must mention that Only the first comment will be moderated. So thanks for that call to action.

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