Jonathan Franzen Alone Quote


7 thoughts on “Literary Zen II

  1. joanbarbarasimon

    alone with all the other voices vying for attention in your head…
    not to mention the countless others teeming up from the words nailed to the page…

    I’ve often experienced reading as a very noisy internal activity. The zen bit comes when I put the book aside, snuff those voices out and am left not with a word but with a sound (on a good day and with a good book): the satisfying sound of having grown richer.

    Love your site more and more, Kurt. :)

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    1. Kurt Brindley ✍ ✄ ✍ Post author

      Yes Lorna’s Voice, exactly. For what you are feeling illustrates, I believe, Franzen’s point superbly. What better way could there be when alone than experiencing a feeling such as yours when reading a wonderful book?




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