Give me the Forest

give me the forest
the whispers
the wind

where only the keening call of the morrow
dare break the sacred calm of the sylvan now

the ritual of the soaring hum

give me the forest
the neglected
the free

where there are no rules
but the rooting scrawls of the cloven beast
unearthing pagan creeds
blasphemous guides to the dark
to the place where all the fears are found

all the magic

give me the forest
the sanctified
the holy

where the haunted howls of midnight
call to worship
to prayer
all the pious and profane

all the naked unbelievers who mock the baptismal of the moon

give me the forest
the ancient
the eternal

where the tattered persona is stripped away
ripped away and hung from the treetops
desperate semaphore signals for the dire

the damned

where the anima dances on fresh laid graves
sodden with tears of the holy

the helpless

11 Replies to “Give me the Forest”

      1. Hah! You got me confused. But anyway… I think your poems are AWESOME. I read a part of your profile and I noticed that you’re a retired sailor. That to me is very interesting. I’m so excited to read what your stories are. I have a few friends who currently are sailors. I’m hearing a lot of their stories, and I’m I’m excited to hear yours.

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        1. I’m glad you like the poems, ms.raichu. Yes, I am an “old salt,” indeed. Cruised to Subic Bay a couple of times back in ’90. As I mention in my About, sailing through the the San Bernardino Strait I may have witnessed the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. As for sailor stories…be wary, be very wary. We tend to stretch the truth a bit around the edges…

          Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments.

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