A Poet’s Pursuit for a Poem of a Picture ~ September 20, 2014

Poems from the River ~ a collection of reflections

Poems From the River: a collection of reflections



4 thoughts on “A Poet’s Pursuit for a Poem of a Picture ~ September 20, 2014

  1. John Northcutt Young

    This is a lovely book. Here’s my review posted on Amazon:

    Kurt Brindley writes in the forward, “Many of these poems, especially those from the Ashtabula Collection, have been with me for so long that they are to me like old photos.”
    And that’s what drew me to this collection, the images. Starting with the cover. Even though we’ve all heard “don’t judge a book by its cover,” for me there’s the feeling of serenity, which reflections should be.

    My favorite is “The Barn.” Love the personification— “like an old man with a story to tell”—how the structure is incorporated through the different stages of the speaker’s life.
    Wonderful. Am reminded of the earthy poems of Ron Rash. Wonderful.

    Others favorites include the crystal clear meaning of “Without a Word” and memories evoked from objects in “Sitting with You.” Thought the brevity of “Drain” spoke volumes.

    Still debating “Picking Through the Pile.” Love the set-up and images, but somehow got lost in the middle. Which, in art, is a good thing. You get to go back and ponder meanings, which are different for everyone.

    “Afterward” is a beautiful, haunting ending.

    This is a book you should read. My only complaint, wanted more poems like “The Barn.”

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