13 Replies to “Apologies for the toad spam, but I just can’t get enough of this guy…”

    1. Oh, just shooed him into the woods. He (or one of his many brothers and sisters). In the summer he’s usually a blue and green, taking on the colors of our pool, I guess. But this is the first time I have ever seem him in such Autumn glory. Usually he’s just browns but Mother Nature sure got him all dudded up this year.


    1. Yup, really a toad. Changes with his surroundings. I found him in the skimmer again a couple days later when it was dark and rainy. He was looking like a toad normal looks…green. I took a picture but forgot to post it…

      C’mon, Tagari, how can you not like toads? O_O
      They’re awesome. \o/

      Thanks for stopping by, friend.



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