. . .or be silent



15 Replies to “BE ORIGINAL”

  1. I’m going to be the dissenting voice here…

    Sometimes another person says something worthwhile that needs a ‘signal boost.’ If we stuck to originality or silence all the time, such messages would never get heard by everyone who needs to hear them.


    1. Okay. I appreciate you taking a dissenting stand; admirable. I, myself, enjoy the role of devil’s advocate from time to time.

      Or, as we say in the military…Red Teaming.

      In response, my view is that we are hardly threatened by a lack of what you call a “signal boost.”

      The society that I live and breath in is one overly polluted with signal boosts, one near wholly duplicitous in nature.

      I don’t know…I’m not seeing a lot of originality out there to be inspired by.

      And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a rerun of an oldie but goodie every now and again. Heck, you’ll see me boosting the signal, i.e., posting quotes, of authors, dead and living, whom I admire.

      So, I appreciate you taking the time to be the dissenting voice, but the point of the post is not an attempt to quash historical goodness, it’s to remind authors, poets, artists, and more importantly, myself, that if we are going to bake morsels of creativity, we should always serve them fresh, not stale.

      And I’m pretty sure you don’t disagree with that.

      Right? :)

      Thanks, Thomas.



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