The Last Distraction

The Last Distraction

The boy didn’t wait for his father’s granted permission, he just shook his hand free and ran to the side of the road, to where the spring-time growth met the gravel. Unconcerned — they were walking a country road — the father kept his pace, and his mind on the unfortunate decision he would soon have to make. Low in the grass, yet unseen by the boy or even considered by the father, lay in wait the last thing either would ever fear.




About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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7 Responses to The Last Distraction

  1. I have similar tendencies, but have been taking Chekov (“Abridge … abridge!”) to heart.

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  2. Penticular says:

    Just born to write, and given the ability to earn respect and notoriety for some thing you have a passion to do, Man that’s the life!!

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  3. Penticular says:

    Thanks Kurt Have you checked out my penticular blog colored people, i would really like your thoughts on that one.

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