My Town

All my life I’ve lived in a town
Where stop means go
And up means down,

Where happy means sad
And black means white,
Where good means bad
And wrong means right,

Where night means day
And yes means no,
Where work means play
And fast means slow,

Where yesterday means tomorrow
And midnight means noon,
Where give means borrow
And later means soon,

Where lost means found
And water means ice,
Where square means round
And mean means nice.

So, if you ever visit
You’d better learn our ways,
Cuz if you ever try to leave
It means you’ll have to stay.

My Town

From Poem Man



22 Replies to “My Town”

  1. Do I mean it when I like it? Do I like it when I mean it?
    Ah! Would we were all so transparent then we wouldn’t have to guess
    At other people’s meanings and sort out all the mess!
    Yet where would be the wonder in that?
    Love this piece Kurt! Who said opposites attract? Well – very well attracted mate! :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    If this was titled “My Church”. “My Modern Day Church” or something like that, it would make just as much sense.



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