HANDS OF EVIL by Ms Melissa Barker-Simpson has been chosen as the inaugural selection for the Indie Author Book Selection & Review


A hearty congratulations are definitely in order…

To me!

For I am the fortunate Reader who has just set himself off on the path of what looks to be a very interesting and exciting literary journey.

Congratulations are also in order to all of you, everyone, both Authors and Readers, who took the time and had the consideration to either submit their book for the selection and review process or who conscientiously looked over each of the submissions and offered their highly selective choice(s), in the form of a “Like,” of which impressed them the most. Because that’s really what this is all about. Not so much what book I choose and review, but on all of us participating in this Indie Revolution that’s going on all around us, this technological declaration of independence. We can be part of the movement by supporting each other through the purchase of Indie Books and, most importantly, by reviewing the Indie books you buy. I look at this similar to the movement to buy local. The more you buy local, the more you support your community; and the more you support your community, the more your community grows and prospers and ultimately makes the world, near and far, a much better place for all of us.

Yeah, I’m a little bit passionate about all of this. Truly I am.

This is an exciting time for Art in all its facets.

And finally, and equally important, if not mostly, congratulations to Melissa, for she has truly written what looks to be a very compelling book of fun and adventure.

But before we take a look at her book, let’s refresh ourselves with the guidelines, as limited as they were, that this Selection & Review thing is operating under. Here is a cut from the the solicitation announcement:

Tell us a little bit about both your book and your writing self in the comments section. You know, a short synopsis of the story and a short Author bio. Include just enough stuff, and no more, that you think I’ll need to be compelled to tab right out of my cozy little site and rush off to find your ode to literary perfection.

Not much to it, really. But enough, evidently, to illicit a wonderful response of Authors looking to showcase their unique and special writing talents.

And that makes me very happy.

So here is Melissa’s response, her pitch, to our call for her ode to literary perfection:

I was so drawn in by your post, and the humorous, yet generous offer to read MY book (you were talking to me, right?), I just had to respond. So…onto the sales pitch.

A few years ago, after listening to my brother (a soldier) talk about the camaraderie among his troop, and all the fun and interesting things they get up to (the jibes, the antics, the general merriment), a few good men (ha ha) began to form in my head. A team, if you will, of the best of the best. They are all ex-military, and came together to form a security agency. I’ve always loved thrillers, particularly crime thrillers, so I put them through their paces and set them free to explore the world I created for them.

My latest release, Hands of Evil, is the second in the Morgan and Fairchild series. The team are called upon by a local murder investigation team, when a serial killer starts picking off interpreters. A particularly unpleasant person, who removes his victims hands after their death.

It’s not as gruesome as it sounds, or certainly not as graphic!

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you more about my work :-)

Here’s the link:

Hands of Evil by Ms Melissa Barker-Simpson
Hands of Evil: Morgan and Fairchild Series: 2

Yeah, I know exactly what you’re thinking and I totally agree…


I don’t think it is necessary, or helpful, for me to go through a list of why I didn’t choose the other submissions.

What I will say is, based upon the guidelines we laid out, she did exactly what was needed to be done, and that was to compel me to want to read it.

And so did many of the other submissions. I really would like to read many, if not all, the books and stories. And who knows, maybe I will.

However, in my view, Melissa had all the elements of a successful proposal. She had a great pitch, she had a big cut of her book cover…and even just a quick glance around my site will tell you, even as verbose as I may be, I am a very visual guy. And, in addition to a successful pitch here, she has a wonderful website, professional as well as inviting, and a fully fleshed out Author’s Page at Amazon.

Yeah, I agree…

Quite the winning package.

Which is why her package of a pitch and proposal was my selection.

Congratulations, Melissa.

How about we all head right on over to Melissa’s website and offer her our congratulations in person, and take a look around a bit while we’re there:


So, off I go on a new reading adventure.

But it’s not over for you all. I hope and expect that you will look through the list of submissions and pick a book to read. And after you read it, review it, both on your website and at Amazon, at a minimum. And if you do that for me, for all of us, then the Literary Gods will look down upon you with great favor. And, in addition, if it’s a review that focuses less on what’s wrong with the book and more on what you learned from the book, then let me know, because I just might like to share it here with all the occasional readers and friends who stop by.

Will we do this again? I don’t know. I hope so. If you think we should, please leave a comment on this post to show your support for future Selections & Reviews. I would really appreciate knowing who is interested.


And stay tuned for my review. I may have mentioned that I’m a bit of a slow poke reader so I am not about to predict when it will be up. But I’ll let you know.

All right?


Thank you, all. Thank you all very much.

Peace and Write On!

7 Replies to “HANDS OF EVIL by Ms Melissa Barker-Simpson has been chosen as the inaugural selection for the Indie Author Book Selection & Review”

    1. Thanks for the congratulations, but I don’t think you fell short at all, and neither does Kurt, I’m sure. Continuing what he said in the post, we’re all in this together, to support one another and that’s what is so wonderful about this community. Thanks again, and good luck with your novel :-)


  1. Thanks, Rob, that’s lovely. I will be taking a look at the others too. It’s a wonderful, supportive place to be, and one of the reasons I blog is to offer my support to fellow writers – Kurt has given us an opportunity to do that :-)


  2. Thank you, Kurt – for your kind words, the opportunity to share my work, and for your supportive outlook and encouragement to all within the community. I think you’re absolutely right – it’s important to support one another and give back in any way we can. It’s great to be part of such an inspiring group of people. I hope you enjoy Hands of Evil and, as you suggested, I will be taking a look at the other submissions. Have a great week :-)



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