A Song of Life for Thee, A Song of Life for Me #3


sing out savior songs
dance free amongst the cherubs
listen for the wind




5 Replies to “A Song of Life for Thee, A Song of Life for Me #3”

  1. Synchronicity. Here is an email I received this morning from a friend:

    Thank you. I see you are joining the night owls…Neat eh?…ahhhh…the stillness…….Last night I could not fall asleep…all night eyes wide open rolling and tossing…….I decided to get dressed and walk before there was too much light…rain and all….I was not dressed warmly enough, but decided to not return home, so I continued walking while I grumbled with myself for not being able to fall asleep, even though I have a bottle of melatonin…..As I was quietly and grumbly moving along, I suddenly began to giggle, then chuckle, then laugh…for no apparent reason…I just could not understand it…the more I moved along the more i giggled..forget being grumpy…lol…then I could hear people laughing excitedly…I looked around and could find no group…I thought that Spirit was playing tricks…Finally, with all this uncontrollable giggles, I stopped to enquire…Looking around, no one…the giggles stopped and start…stop and start…then I looked up into the trees and at the moment I looked, all wass quiet, but I knew from where the giggles came.I could see the wind as it moved the leaves……….and then…I realised….every time the wind blew and moved the leaves, they ACTUALLY GOT EXCITED TO BE TOUCHED BY THE OUTGOING BREATH OF GOD; AND SO THEIR LAUGHTER WAS LIKE SOMEONE TICKLING THEM…..It was an awesome moment as I stood there in amazement…as the wind stopped, the laughing stopped…when the wind started again, the minute it touched them, they giggled…WITH HUMAN VOICES…I will never see the Wind as just wind again….I really want to experience what those trees were enjoying..so at peace.so light.. so joyous…so very exciting…I am realising how much of LIFE I have missed.Now I must catch up…Now I cannot wait to go out into the wind and experience God’s outbreath…i HAVE EXPERIENCED HIS INBREATH, THE SAME WHIRLWIND AS JOB…SCARY…LATER…J


    1. My Paul, that is beautiful. You seem to be a convergence point for this…sentiment. Wish I could touch you right now…you know, for luck.

      I wonder if you would do me a favor. It would make me very happy if you were to write something in response to this – a poem, a reflection, a drawing, whatever form it moves you to take – and allow me to share it here.

      No worries if you’d rather not. However, I do hope you find some way to share this message of yours.

      Thank you for this, Paul. It’s special.



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