The Happily Disgruntled Writer Welcomes in November…



14 Replies to “The Happily Disgruntled Writer Welcomes in November…”

    1. So, when I hear someone from Canada (assuming you’re a Cunuck (; ) complaining about winter…it always makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” when he is accused of fighting dirty and says, “Pirate…

      Don’t like winter? Um, Canadian… :)

      Thanks for the link. Love that picture…wow

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      1. Thanks! I ‘am a Canadian.. I do like the winter in small doses, winter in Canada is never small or short lol. Pirates is a great movie, haven’t seen the films in a while so might have to marathon them soon. Thanks for visiting my blog:)

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      1. It wasn’t my brain child – it is a large group of writers who do this every October. It is hosted by the Nester over at nesting place who has done this for several years now. This year they devoted a website just to the writing challenge rather than hosting it on her site. It was mostly women, but a few men joined in. Acronyms can be run into the ground…and are not always necessary. IMO ;) (see what I did there…)

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