Heavy Rolls




17 thoughts on “So I gots me a new Wacom Digital Pad & Pen and if you all think my metaphorical water has been less than calm to date…well, stand by for heavy rolls, shipmates

  1. Congrats on the tablet! Which one did you get? I’d been using a Cintiq for years, but it burned out no less than 2 video accelerators in 2 different computers (at least I THINK it was the video accelerator–either way, both computers started pretending the Cintiq wasn’t connected.) I’m using an Intuos now.

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    1. Ha ha, actually I’m not sure. It’s really my son’s. I’ll have to check. Yeah, I can imagine someone with your skill would burn right through those things. But to me, it’s rather difficult to use. Will probably just stick to scratching out my stuff on good ol’ paper.

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      1. I still haven’t found a good substitute for the real thing–everything I do always starts out in a sketchbook. The nice thing about today’s world: you can enjoy them both for what each of them can do!


  2. Cool, got myself the same thing, but discovered I’m to stubborn to use it, because it#s a simple model which no screen on it. I cannot synchronize my hand with my eyes watching the monitor. So I gave up and gave it to my daughter, she is thirteen and got no problems.

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    1. Ha ha…funny. I’m pretty much the exact opposite. It’s my sons and I kind of “borrowed” it from him. And yeah, it’s not that easy to use so we’ll have to see how it goes, if I’ll be able to pick up on all its quirks and intricacies…


    1. It’s kind of hard. Even drawing those circles took some doing. But I’m just a hacker when it comes to drawing anyway so I’ll hack at it the best I can from time to time. Mostly I’ll probably stick to pen(cil) and paper. It’s a lot easier.



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