I-Votedbut it is an image that represents my vote, and, to me, it is a vote that is just as important as any vote ever cast in the history of all votes ever cast.

Plus, it gives me full and legitimate authority to complain heartily about how screwed up my country’s system of government currently is.

If you are an American of the US and you didn’t exercise your right to vote in this election, then keep your pie hole shut*. I don’t wanna hear any complaints outta ya.


*Of course this wrath of a restriction of mine does not apply to those who could not vote due to reasons beyond their control, i.e., health limitations, etc.


7 thoughts on “Well, maybe it’s not as dramatic or inspiring or indelible as the heroic images of the purple-stained fingertips of the courageous voters from the nascent democracies of the Middle East and South Asia we’ve seen over the past few years…

  1. Well, I get to continue to complain about the idiot the idiots in this idiot state keep voting into office as they did it again. They are exemplars of cutting off noses to spite face. I voted and I’m bitching.

    I’m also enjoying the oppression scrawls.

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  2. I voted. I just wish more voters were informed voters.

    An elderly lady needed assistance while I voted. I overheard everything because the man helping her spoke loudly. She picked candidates either because “she’s always voted Republican” or because she “liked that woman’s TV ads.”

    I researched the candidates and the propositions for which I cast my votes. Democracy requires an informed citizenry, right? Isn’t that what the framers had in mind? A 30 second ad doesn’t count as informational in my book.



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