Final Glory

Final Glory




18 Replies to “Final Glory”

      1. Does the train get to be a headache at times?
        I suspect there are pros and cons …..
        We love it though and hope to be there if they do the Christmas tree run again this year.


        1. No train runs by my house. Every once in a blue moon there will be a run from the town over that comes close (at least close enough to hear the whistle). I wish it would run more. I grew up around Lake Erie and the sounds of the trains running to and fro the docks are some of my most fondest memories.


          1. Makes me want to write about it!!!

            In my town, there’s an industrial/business center across town with a train yard – and when the atmosphere is just right that whistle carries forever. Especially in the winter … perhaps the lack of leaves …

            But anyway, you’re probably used to that lake-effect snow, aren’t you? You probably think we turn into total wusses here in Peeay – when you grew up with foot-deep snow before Halloween, LOL!

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          2. Poem it, Poet! I may have dropped a verse or two about trains in my poetry collection…

            Lake effect snow…nothing like it. I’m glad they cancel school as quickly as they do around here for the safety of the children…but I still chuckle a bit when they do remembering how I used to wait for the bus in the dark with it snowing so hard and wind blowing so loud that I wouldn’t even realize that the bus had already pulled right in front of me. Yeah, those were some legit winters when I was a kid.


          3. My grandfather used to call with news about the 2-foot snow and ask if we’d gotten anything here in southern Peeay — and we’d say we got 2-3 inches of snow and school was canceled — and he’d laugh his butt off!!!

            Just as well though — people get goofy trying to drive in snow. Especially the first snow.

            Funnies thing I ever saw — we drove from Peeay to TX in February for a wedding — and it snowed in Arkansas. They were *clueless*!!!!

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