15 Replies to “Fallsnow”

  1. Almost went out with my camera this afternoon; glad you, at least, captured our first snow around here. ( I’m guessing you live fairly close to my area, Blue Ridge Summit. ) Although the cold of winter does not excite me, the beauty & serenity of the snow is not lost on me.

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      1. I know, it sounds heavier than I meant, but was feeling betrayred. It was one of thise days when every word I put on the page was just wrong. That poem was the result of my frustration. That love/hate relationship with writing :)

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          1. Yes! I was relieved when it was done! Ha. And I should never type a response on my phone apparently. My last post looks like I was “drenched drunk in wine!” yikes!!! :) thanks for your positive feedback. I appreciate it. My first week of blogging has been sooooo rewarding. And you were one if the very first blogs I read. You should consider yourself a muse.

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