Or do you also think soundcloud is the best frikkin’ music app out there?

It looks sleek and fresh (if I may use the vernacular…no? I shouldn’t do that? …sigh), loads fast and light, and doesn’t make my computer or phone get all grouchy like youtube, and even pandora sometimes with all its painful adverts, does.

I mostly hang out at the Minimal Techno stream. It’s just the right vibe for all my writing and blogging and all other general creative wizardry, if you know what I mean…

This DJ (or whatever these music mixer dudes* are called), who goes by The Bearded Man (TBM), is my current crush…


*non-gender specific



19 thoughts on “Is it just me…

    1. You’re exactly right. I guess I could have spent a little time on that but essentially is wordpress for sound files. You can follow users there just like I follow you here.

      Most of the music comes from indie musicians and dj making and mixing their own sounds. I love it.

      One of these days I plan on recording some spoken word stuff and sharing it there.


  1. Glad you like SoundCloud so much, my friend. Steven (my husband :) ) has been posting on there for a few years now and has met some amazing like-minded musicians whom both now call friends :) quite a positive experience…he’s taken down all of his songs but one demo, presently composing the film score for his nephew’s latest short film called “Black August”. I welcome you to check it out if you like, Kurt. https://soundcloud.com/st-manuel/experiment-working-demo best, j

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      1. I agree. That’s what attracted Steven to it in the first place. He’s flourished since with all the support & feedback…plus he’s a super nurturer himself, goes both ways as it should. I was telling him yesterday WordPress feels like SoundCloud ☺

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