A little NEWSLETTER LOVE is in your inbox…

If you’re a Subscriber, that is.

My oh my, I have been meaning to get this little ol’ Newsletter thing launched for I have no idea how long it’s been now.

But it’s been a long time, that I’m sure.

And now, finally, I finally done went and done did it.

Or is it did done it?

Anyway, the inaugural edition is now resting and waiting just for you in the comfort of your own cozy inbox.

What you’ll find in this first of the first is…

A little introduction to what I hope to accomplish with the newsletters.
A profile of and a poem from Jaffa Kintigh, the very first subscriber to the newsletter.
An overview (well, just pictures for most) of the main features of this website:
– Poem Man
– Literary Zen
– The Happily Disgruntled Writer
– #notestoself
– And a little bit more, just a bit, than an overview of the IABS&R
– And Relating to Humans, where we have links to the two Women’s Issues submissions that were profiled on the Blog.
– And, to close the newsletter, we profile a selection from the Poetry feature. A beautiful, powerful poem by Gravis Kartweeler entitled Oenomaus.

Yeah, quite a little bit packed in that little bit more than a bit of a newsletter.

And I couldn’t be happier.

If you aren’t a subscriber, you can read the newsletter here.
And if you feel so inclined, you can subscribe here.

I hope to be sending one of these out weekly. And each week, I hope to profile someone special.

It just may be you.


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