Can you please help me please?

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(Okay, the following intro paragraph is going to hurt a bit. Just look at that thing…one big blob of a block of text. You may want to grab yourself a cuppa of whatever it will take for you to keep the eyelids propped up for about fifteen sentences cram packed with pedantic pain. Are you ready for all that? Are you sure? All right, don’t say I didn’t warn you…good luck.)

On my About page I mention something to the effect that I consider myself somewhat of an human relations guy. I mentioned that for a several reasons. One being that I really enjoy humans; I don’t always enjoy being around them in close and confining proximity so much as I enjoy observing them, scientific like…from a safe and considerable distance…with multiple escape routes just in case things go sideways without notice like they so often do whenever a human is involved in the equation. And another reason I consider myself as a human relations guy is because I gots that paper that says I am. In addition to an undergrad degree in English, which I believe is fundamental to just about all I have become, good like and bad like, because it instilled even deeper into me than it was prior, which was already pretty deep, a love for literature and an appreciation for the language it takes to paint a story, which usually involves humans. But I gots more paper props, too. At about 2/3rds the way through my navy career, I got a little bored with my primary gig – telecommunications – and I looked for a way to take a break. I found that break by volunteering and qualifying for a three-year stint in a, go figure, human relations gig where I served as an Equal Opportunity specialist. To qualify, I first had to attend three-months of intensive, so called, sensitivity training (a misnomer because instead of being sensitive to my feelings, it exposed them and ripped off their calloused protective scars and scraped over them until they were bloody and raw), where I learned about how much of a turd white males have been throughout the United States history, and before. It was a very tough, but wonderfully enlightening, three-months. And finally, to top off my ice cream claim to my human relations affinity is a cherry of masters degree in, go figure, Human Relations.

So why did I just put you through all that?

Because I need your help.

And the reason I am asking you for your help, is because, even though I’ve had considerable experience of and in the field of human relations, I still don’t feel I am the one most qualified to do what it is I want to accomplish here.

But I think you are.

I think you know much better than I about what it is like to be a woman in this somewhat of a misogynistic world, or to be a person of color in this somewhat of a racist world, or to be a homosexual in this somewhat of a homophobic world…

Yeah, you know…

So I was wondering, knowing all that you know about all you’ve learned and experienced while maneuvering through this difficult and sometimes dangerous obstacle course called life, would you please help me please?

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25 Replies to “Can you please help me please?”

  1. This looks interesting. Perhaps when the hurricane surrounding doing another major move settles down I’ll participate. Pretty sure I could write from the perspective of a 56-yr. old woman, seeking employment, with body issues and mental health concerns… I have a few “-isms” and “-ists” that are all too familiar. I’ll be interested to see how this new venture pans out for you.

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    1. You know I was considering it…I think we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. As long as some of my posts can be it may seem a bit hypocritical of me to put some arbitrary word limit out there. But, we may find it necessary. Thanks for your feedback, Lorna. Let me know if you have any other recommendations/ideas.

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  2. This is great. I may do a thing, not sure where it goes, about being a woman engineer and especially being 4’10” in a world of everyone taller than me. And then again, maybe about poetry. I have done a post about writing my first haiku at six but it could do with some polishing up. Maybe, maybe not. I’m butt deep in alligators rights now so we shall see.

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  3. Reblogged this on I'mpossible Hope-r and commented:
    I cannot help because I have many, too many “isms” or social classifications. When I write about me, my life, etc. I have to explain how intersectionality works for my social class!!! I do not deal, I do not cope, I just live and when intersectionality shows up! I become a cultural chameleon!!! :-) You might be able to participate! Woot!

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  4. I adore your mind Kurt. Mire than a few laughs out loud relating to you. You’re interesting and I’ve always been a fan of self-deprecation ☺ lowers that awful wall that often exists between us humans. Humans are funny creatures. My husband is oft heard saying, “The world would be a beautiful place if it weren’t for people.” Take that with a grain of salt. And, I must thank you for following me. I’m deeply honoured. You’re my first! And you know what they say about firsts? I don’t. But I do know it shall never be forgotten. Best, j

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    1. Self-deprecation is just about the only safe place. Still humans find a way ever now and again to find insult with my self insults. God bless ’em. :) I am so happy and thankful you stopped by, J. You and your husband sound like a couple of folks I would like to hang with. I’m looking forward to your visits here and my visiting with you at your site. Welcome, friend.

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  5. Reblogged this on Mamamaitri and commented:
    A must read. I’m delighted to present the poignant and often hilarious Kurt Brinkley, my first follower here on WordPress. He proposes a very interesting challenge for you – read to the end. Peace, love & light, j

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  6. it is nothing but a great effort. The observation of human beings, their ways, their speech and mannerisms, is a study of great intensity.With this which is near to us being so wonderful and peculiar why one has to go the moon and other planets to find interesting episodes.
    I may sound quaint. Well, that is how I feel.
    I am into writing poems. Hope you could,if possible, evaluate a few of my poems at random and give a feedback.
    This exercise would give me an impetus to write more. and think of publishing.
    Thanks for the follow.
    All the best.

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