So yeah, about that book of yours, Author…

I’m not sure, but I think I may have mentioned before that I am kind of a slow reader.

I mean, if there were a speed reading contest and if I were the last contestant and our team’s winning was dependent upon, you know, me reading fast…

Well, I think you can guess how that contest would end.

Yeah, me as the losing team’s team loser because my reading is just…that…slow…

Don’t ask me because I don’t understand it.

But apparently, I’m finding, it’s not always that slow…

Because, apparently, I’m finding, it seems that with the right word arrangement, my reading speed increases significantly.

Because I’m finding, it seems, that apparently with my Current Read, you know, HANDS OF EVIL by Indie Author Melissa Barker-Simpson, you know, the inaugural selection of the Indie Author Book Selection & Review (or IABS&R (pronounced EYEABZER (Yeah, I know…but don’t blame me because I pleaded and pleaded for someone, anyone, to come up with a better name for it…but did anyone, someone? Nope. So now here we are, stuck with the IABS&R from now until who knows when this ride will end… But you know what? It could be worse. Yeah, that’s right…it could be that NaNoWriMo bullshiitake. I can’t even write that without cracking up. Or, it could be even worse than that…oh my god I can’t stop laughing now…it could be the NaNoBloMoFoSho horrible honk of a handle. Egads!)), for short), it seems, I’m finding, that apparently she has somehow managed to arrange the words in her book in such a way that I find myself zipping right through that thriller of a thriller. I’m talking shooting down ten Red Bulls and chasing those ten with ten 5-hour Energy Shots fast like reading. I mean, I’m reading so fast it makes this guy look like a star of one of those insanely slow Slo-Mo videos.

Yeah, it’s pretty darn good book, if you know what I mean.

Which got me to thinking…heck, if we’re gonna do another IABS&R we better get crackin’ because I’m gonna be done with HANDS OF EVIL faster than you can say I hate Christmas commercials airing before Thanksgiving.

Dang, you said that pretty fast.

See what I mean? We better hurry up and get our ho ho ho hustle on then, right?

So yeah, about that book of yours, Author…

Can I read it?

If so, then please meet me over at the IABS&R Volume 2 Call for Submissions page.


6 Replies to “So yeah, about that book of yours, Author…”

  1. That ‘so far’ almost sound ominous! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. It means a lot that a military man, and fellow author would :-) When I finished laughing my ass of at this post (nobody does it quite like you), I tried to wrack my brains to come up with a new title, but…nope – I got nothing!

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