A Little Newsletter Love (002-14)

This current edition of love in the form of a newsletter provides a WEW recap of the week past, which includes links to most of my articles and photographs, as well as my musings of what I expect in the week, and days thereafter even, to come.

But more importantly, this edition includes links to the past week’s submissions to the Relating to Humans and IABS&R Volume 2 features. And these are:

Relating to Humans submissions:

TOTAL WAR OR TOTAL PEACE by Paul Xylinides, Political Issues

how it was by Gifford MacShane, Poetry

IABS&R Volume 2 submissions:

My GRL by John W. Howell

The Wild Horses of Hiroshima by Paul Xylinides

The 14th Mansion by Robert Mitchell

While Mitchell’s submission didn’t come in until after the Newsletter was already published, I figured, what the hay, I might as well include it here since we’re already discussing the topic of submissions…or something like that.

You can read edition 002-14 of newsletter love by clicking here.

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Look, I get it, okay. I understand that the primary reason to have a newsletter is to discuss things outside of the happenings of the website and to not redundantly post what’s going on with the newsletter on the website (was that redundant?). Unfortunately, the subscriber-ship to the newsletter is, let’s just say, not where I would like it to be. Which is why I’m harassing you about it here, and, more importantly, which is why I didn’t profile any subscribers’s websites or work in this edition – when I do I want to make sure the profiles are receiving their proper do with as many eyeballs as possible reading them. So, I’m considering holding off on any additional profiles until we reach 500 subscribers. We’re almost there, which is a good thing, and it would a be great thing if you would subscribe to help me reach that easily achievable goal.

Geez, did that sound as much like an annoying public radio membership drive plea to you as it did to me?

Sorry about that…

Anyway, hook and brother up and just go ahead and subscribe, will ya?

Right on?

Write on!



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