Is it just me or is WordPress all jacked up for everyone else, too?

What’s the dealio?

WP is telling me I’m not following folks that I’ve been following, like, forever…

I keep getting the same notification over and over and over and over and over and over…

Which isn’t quite so bad since my little Pavlov notification light isn’t lighting up to notify me how awesome I am…

Seems like ever since they jacked up the toolbar with another “upgrade” (I can’t believe they took away the search tool after I went and did that in-depth (yes, and strange…I know, I know) less than pointy “Pro” Tip about it) things have gone haywire (what is haywire anyway?) around here.

Is it just me or do I need to release my unreasonable Wrath of Khurt on some poor, unsuspecting WP Support dude*…

You know, as a way of showing my Thanksgiving cheer…


UPDATE: Just had Pam of WP Support (she was so awesome I had no chance to unleash my wrath) in a chat and she says that the notifications are being worked on right now, which is probably why my little Pavlov awesome me light isn’t working, and which may be causing all my other issues, as well. Standing by.


*non gender-specific



33 Replies to “Is it just me or is WordPress all jacked up for everyone else, too?”

    1. Hey thanks! I was just in chat with support and she saw your comment and said it was helpful. Just updated the post but they are having problems with notifications and are working on it; could be what is causing all my issues. Just have to wait and see if they get resolved. Thanks again, R.

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  1. WP developers keep messing with things making “improvements”. I don’t know who is giving them input on how to make improvements or maybe they just have to do something for a paycheck, but I have not liked one “improvement” they have made recently (their improvements are much more annoying than people like me who post photos of cats). And yes, I discover people I’ve been following I’m not following anymore for no reason. The following/not following issue is pretty random.

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    1. Yeah, I hear ya loud and clear on that one, brother. I like new toys and upgrades as much as anyone but lately they’ve been swingin’ and missin’. I just updated the post and support says they’re working on the notification issue and it may be causing the other issues…standing fast.


  2. It’s good to know that support is so helpful. I have had issues before where Notifications keep lighting up when there are no more new ones. I have also found a few people unfollowed that I know I would not have done so. I was starting to think I was unfollowing people in my sleep.

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  3. I’ve had several posts about my “possessed” like button, blogs I follow that suddenly I don’t follow, and people commenting back to me the same thing. I haven’t gotten any response back from WP nor does anyone else have any clue.

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  4. It’s working terribly here too!!
    I miss the search button. The reader updates without my consent and I have to keep scrolling down to see where I was reading… I thought it was only me… So glad I’m not alone :)

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