Unshining Sun

The laughter fades and the dawn never breaks

So still is the air
When the laughter isn’t there


11 Replies to “Unshining Sun”

  1. So break all stillness & laugh out loud.
    Let the tsunami of laughter spread on the crowd.
    All will be healed from sickness & disease…
    …….This is just beautiful I just couldn’t stop myself from adding more.

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    1. If we just laugh laugh laugh, laugh as we please

      Don’t stop, Priyanki. That’s wonderful. I have a couple of similar poems on the haiku page. It’d be great if you would submit something on laughter and its power and magic to the Relating to Humans feature (or anything else that interests you). :)

      Thanks, Priyanki. I really appreciate your continuance of the verse…

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      1. Thank you so much. I was hesitating before but not anymore. I want to share so much. Will do so soon.
        I’m not so good at poetry…but sometimes it just comes to me. :). That’s why I hesitate sometimes. But would love to express my thoughts. If you get some time please read some of my poetry on my blog. Would love your inputs on that.

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    1. There is no one meaning for a poem. We each understand it only as we can understand it. Regardless of and wholly apart from the poet’s intent. That’s my belief anyway

      Been meaning to do a “Pro” Tip on this topic for quite a while. Guess I should get to it.

      Thanks for the inspiration, Priyanki. :)

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