Rainy Day Recess

Rainy Day Recess

Factoring formulas
And conjugating fables,
Taking tests
On Periodic Tables,
Sure is tough
And it ain’t always fun,
But it ain’t so bad
As long as there’s sun.

Cuz as long as there is sun
At least we’re sure
We can go outside
And let the sunshine cure
Our mathematics blues
And our scientific stress…
At least for a bit
During lunch recess.

But when the day is dark
And the raindrops are dumpin’,
And the sky is filled with sparks
And the thunder is a thumpin’,

We can’t go out,
We have to stay inside and—look.
Instead of kickball
We get to read a—book.
Or we can finish up our homework
Or silently sit and—think.

Sheesh, days like this
Sure do stink!

Stuck indoors
Can’t be healthy, that’s for sure.
Cuz trapped inside the school
We never can cure
Our mathematics blues
Or our scientific stress.

Will there ever be a cure
For a rainy day recess?

From Poem Man

11 Replies to “Rainy Day Recess”

  1. Love the drawing, but I’d never be that person. I’m a gal who enjoys a good rainy day. I always say, “It’s a great day to be inside!” As a child, I remember resenting my mother kicking me out of the house by saying, “It’s a beautiful day. Why aren’t you out side playing. Then when I was begrudgingly outside, I didn’t know what to do. I guess I’m just an indoors sort of person!

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  2. To tell you the truth, I would even prefer to read a book outdoors. The indoors has always felt just a little too confining for me. Nice poem, and I definitely share the sentiment.



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