As It Relates Thus Far To Our Relating to Humans Feature

The Relating to Humans feature is seeing steady growth so I just wanted to thank all who have contributed thus far.

As I’ve pleaded expressed in the past, this feature is near and dear to my happy heart so it would mean so much to me if you were to contribute some of your original work to it.

And while I solicit your work, I also solicit your participation as a reader and observer and I ask that you take the time to visit the feature and acknowledge those authors and poets and artists and musicians who have already contributed. It would be great if you would stop by the sub-features and reply to their submissions and give them direct feedback; or maybe visit their site and follow them so you can keep in tune with what’s on their minds; but at a minimum, it would be awesome if you would stop by and let them know you like their effort by hitting that magical little “Like” button. Funny how that little star lighting up can get the ol’ heart a flutterin’…

Can you please do that for me please?


And to make it easier for you to let your fingers do the walking to all that is going on at the Relating to Humans feature, I thought I’d go ahead and list all the submissions here, all Table of Content like.

Women’s Issues

WHO I AM by thisishowisaythings
Profiled as a Blog Feature

MY VIEW by Doted On
Profiled as a Blog Feature

HEY WHAT ABOUT ME?! by pixie

Race Issues

THE DINER by OneBigPoet

Religious Issues

DEATH AND DELIVERANCE by Gravis Kartweeler

Political Issues



A DIME IS WHAT I NEED by tamednomad

MY WORDS IS LIARS by staciejordan

OENOMAUS by Gravis Kartweeler
Profiled as a Newsletter Love feature

HOW IT WAS by Gifford MacShane

YES, I AM. I’M THE SAME. by Priyanki


LIVE BAIT MACHINE (album) by Maria L Berg

DUST TO DUST (review) by pixie

So, as you can see, a lot of Relating to Humans has been going on lately.

Check it out, you’ll like it…

I guarantee it!


P.S. Stick around a bit…my selection for the IABS&R Volume 2 will be announced at 8:00pm-ish tonight.


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