The IABS&R Volume 2 Selection Is…


by Paul Xylinides

Wild Horses of Hiroshima

Before I talk about why I selected Paul’s book, I first want to say thank you to all three authors who submitted their books for this round of the IABS&R. And, truly, each of the books, with their tight, eye-catching book covers and their interesting descriptions, could have easily been my selection. And while I will be reviewing Paul’s book for this round, I can surely see myself picking up copies of the other two books and reviewing them at a later date.

For instance, The 14th Mansion by Robert Mitchell sounds like a completely exciting and horrifying (in the good sense of the word) read with its promise of ghoulish plots and terrifying evil. Additionally, Robert, himself, intrigues me with his martial arts expertise and mystic practices. Check out his site, it’s pretty cool.

The 14th Mansion by Robert Mitchell

And My GRL by John W. Howell screams excitement with its terrorist plots and other thrilling capers. And it obviously lives up to description, as indicated by the twenty-seven reviews the book already has with its 4.5 average rating. Well above the typical three or four reviews from our parents and best friends most of us other authors have.


And, as I offered during Round 1, if anyone else out there reads and reviews any of these books, let me know about it. I just may want to share the review here.

The Wild Horses of Hiroshima has enticed me as a reader ever since Paul first submitted it for the IABS&R Volume 1. Because, just in the title alone it strikes two very keen interests of mine: Japan, first and foremost; and World War II in general and the nuclear devastation done to Japan during the war in particular. And then when I dig a bit into the description of the book, it becomes even more enticing to me with its surreal setting and characters such as champion Sumo wrestlers, geisha, and Yakuza crime bosses. And having read much of Paul’s haiku and one of his fables, The Star-Dust Dreamers, which took my mind on a unexpected fantasy trip, I know that he has the capacity to write in a manner that moves me. Not to mention his important Political piece TOTAL WAR OR TOTAL PEACE. A Relating to Humans essay.

Yeah, I am very excited to soon be reading Paul’s book.

And Paul, himself, interests me greatly. Xylinides? Not your typical nom de plume, no? Everything about Paul and his writing is a bit different and wholly original; and, if you know even just a little bit about me, originality is a very fine quality to me, indeed. Paul and his work are enigmas I want to know more about.

So, thank you, Paul, for contributing your work not once, but twice to this little Indie Author grassroots effort we have going here. You just cannot imagine how important it all is to me. And the fact that you are so committed to it as well is a special thing.

And I invite you all to real along with me. So please go out and get a copy of Paul’s book right now. Because after I finish reading it and publish my review, I would really like to know what you think of it, as well. Click, click.

Again, thank you to all the authors – John W. Howell, Robert Mitchell, and Paul Xylinides – for giving me the opportunity to partake in their creative efforts and hard work.

I look forward to the journey before me.

Write on and Happy Holidays to you all!


15 Replies to “The IABS&R Volume 2 Selection Is…”

  1. Thank you for your show of confidence, Kurt, and I am very pleased with myself for having persevered. Since I have been following your site, your passion for a broad range of creative outlets has impressed and, at times, inspired me in my own efforts. For the present purpose of your choosing to review this novel The Wild Horses of Hiroshima, I know I can rely on an evenhandedness I have come to respect and a critique that will be of value. It must have been a difficult choice – my two competitors were extraordinarily professional and, as you rightly remark, with compelling presentations. I also owe thanks to Melissa Barker Simpson, your previous choice, whose sterling presentation caused me to reevaluate my own.

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  2. Reblogged this on Robert Mitchell Jr. and commented:
    Kurt is a real character with a great blog, an original voice, and caring mission: supporting his fellow writers. And he gave me a shout-out, which, you know, gives him extra cool points.



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