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25 Responses to Weathered

  1. That’s a keeper, Kurt – a remarkably fine photograph that draws you into it. Excellent composition. Deserves some hanging space. While I write this, I keep going back to it.

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  2. Very nice framing using the two trees.

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  3. Jody says:

    Beautiful. I’ve always been drawn to weathered barns.

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    • Thank you, Jody. I love them, too. Had one in the field next to me growing up. Spent a lot of time with it. Matter of fact, one of the photos in the Celebration of the End of Procrastination post shows the poem “The Field,” which pines about the Old Barn. Anyway… Love my hood, especially because of all the old barns. :)

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  4. Pat says:

    Lovely scene.

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  5. Wendy Kate says:

    That’s lovely, I think it has a bleak beauty to it.

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  6. mojoshawn says:

    I really enjoy this photo. I’d see this scene in minutes if I drove in any direction. It’s easy to take the simple beauty of “normal” places for granted. Thanks for the reminder, Kurt!

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  7. Very nice…so gentle. Love the sky as the backdrop for the old barn. Perfect contrast of colors yet they seem to melt together.

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