Fenc’d no. 1



10 Replies to “Fenc’d no. 1”

  1. I’m Mr Thicky (dumb as a bag of politicians) nice pic of fence but i don’t get it?
    What’s the gag? Who’s the joke? I’m getting really paranoid, is it about me? What’s she told you? It isn’t that small.. 😁seriously though, a photo of a fence, is that it? Surely there’s some weird deeper meaning or everyone would be taking photos of fences, celebs etc.
    Like 2015’s version of ‘planking’ lol

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    1. This is the view outside the post office, which is where I went to see if your book had arrived. The post office was closed, I was miffed, this picture is a metaphor for my emotional state.

      Not really…

      But it is the view outside the post office…

      Which was closed when I arrived…

      And the picture is intended as a metaphor, for sure…

      Just not one for my emotional state…

      But keeping in mind my last ‘pro’ tip, I’ll leave it at that and defer to and concur with LouieCypher’s comment above.

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