12 Replies to “Wanting”

  1. You road scene reminds me of some of the roadside rides I used to enjoy when I lived in rural Virginia and had a horse to ride.

    Oh, and by the way, I am actually contemplating going to McDonald’s now that I watched your video. I’ve heard horror stories about how Chicken Nuggets are made. I am glad I watched this, now I can eat chicken nuggets again. Yum.

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  2. The scene speaks of more prosperous days. As clean as it is, there is no reason to think they would not paint if there were money. Sometimes people are neglected the same way–especially the non-complainers. The squeaky wheels get the grease.

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    1. Interesting observation, Beth. Perhaps you are right. I don’t know. I see this barn daily and it never fails to capture my attention. Maybe because it is a rare non-red barn; or maybe its the very starkness of its existence, the through it all language that it speaks to me. Regardless, I am thankful for its worn out beauty, its wabi sabi presence, for it reminds that no matter where we are at on our journey, it is always a place of beauty if we choose to see it that way.

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