In my view, it’s always pretty awesome around here, especially since we kicked off the Indie Author Book Selection & Review and Relating to Humans features a while back. But this week has been especially awesome. For this week we have witnessed the original thinking, compelling insight, and unique writing style of Indie Author Paul Xylinides with his essays TOTAL WAR OR TOTAL PEACE, a Relating to Humans Political Issues contribution, and Covered in Fish Oil and Honey while Sitting in a Public Toilet, his Guest Author contribution.

And it’s quite obvious to me, and empirically so, that you all think Paul’s essays are pretty awesome, too, judging by all the “Likes” you’ve given them, and the interesting comments you’ve left in response, and, especially, by all the page views they’ve received.

I must say, I wholeheartedly concur with your assessment.

Now, admittedly, I have an occasional tendency toward hyperbole, but you can take me at my word that, after reading Paul’s interesting essays, I was very excited to receive his book THE WILD HORSES OF HIROSHIMA, the IABS&R Volume 2 selection.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I present and proudly reveal to you Paul’s donation to me, his book THE WILD HORSES OF HIROSHIMA.

At the Post Office. Or, more dramatically, The Drop
At the Post Office; or, more dramatically, at The Drop

This postal worker asked not to be identified with any suspicious packages from Canada. Actually, she gave me permission to take her picture; however, I did such a lousy job of it I don’t think she would be pleased with the result.

The Goods
The Goods


Front cover
Front cover

The first thing I noticed about the book was the way it felt. It is, or at least appears to be, a very high quality production, with a slight moleskin notebook feel to it. It’s a rather pleasing experience I must say.

Back cover
Back cover

This picture is a little dark so it might be hard to tell; however, the images on the cover, front and back, are sharp and clear and all the coloring works well together. Proper image credit, etcetera, is given where credit is due.

Pages...with page numbers thank god
Look at all those pages…with page numbers!

Seeing how it seems Canada is always trying to play itself off as European in general and French in particular, I was worried that this book would follow the same trend at our IABS&R Volume 1 selection, hailing from the United Kingdom, and come without page numbers. But thankfully Paul’s book follows tradition and all its wonderful practicality and includes page numbers.

Just kidding of course…well about everything but the page numbers. I am thankful for the page numbers.


As you can see, it is a pretty good looking book and I truly look forward to the read.

Though, I have a feeling it won’t be an easy read, seeing how Paul is evidently, as proven by his essays, a rather smart dude who likes to write in long and involved sentences. But to me that is a good thing…or it could, and should, be a good thing. I liked to be challenged as a reader. I like to have to work for my reward.

Let’s just hope I am rewarded for my effort.

Off to work I go.

Wish me luck…


6 Replies to “THE WILD HORSES OF HIROSHIMA – The Big Reveal!”

  1. Yes, good luck Kurt. I concur and hope that my fiction style isn’t quite the slog of the essay writing, and, by the way, I also have a “big reveal.” I recently finished The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor and have written my review of it. My suggestion is that when you are done at your end, we perform an American-Cuban thing and, in fairness to all, publish them at the same time.


    1. So what I am hearing then, with your proposal, is that you think there is a chance I may be swayed in my review of your book, one way or the other, by your review of my book. Interesting. Well, if I could be swayed by the outcome of a review of my book, then why couldn’t I be swayed at the suggestion/ implication of what the outcome of the review may be? Because, to me, suggestions/ implications have been revealed, especially when considering the review you’ve already written. You’re free to publish your review as you wish, my friend. I will most likely stick to pattern and announce beforehand when I intend to publish my review.


  2. No, not that you would be swayed, Kurt, not at all. The dictum that I have in mind comes I believe from that hard taskmaster St. Paul who in so many words admonished that there be no “appearance” of … anything that shouldn’t be. If I was worried about anyone being swayed, it was myself. That is why I made the point of reading and reviewing your book as I had intended before I was fortunate enough to have you choose my work. The notion of informing you of it and making my suggestion simply came to me as I was reading your “reveal.”


    1. Intent versus impact… I certainly heard it loud and clear.

      I’m just messing with you, PX. Seriously, publish the review when you like. Like I said, I’ll announce when I intend to publish my review so if you want to publish yours then, go for it.



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