Because I am a Patriot…

I am watching THE INTERVIEW





About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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11 Responses to Because I am a Patriot…

  1. We plan on watching today- oh yeah!

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  2. I’ll be seeing it either today or tomorrow. Can’t wait. The trailer I saw was hilarious.

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  3. joshuassp says:

    I’m considering watching it … seems funny, but also so N. Korean leader can see the ratings soar after his foolishness

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    • It’s immature and inanely absurd…but I thought it hilarious and actually a very good movie overall. I’m interested to see what kind of money it moves since this is the first major streaming release. Might not bode well for the theaters. Let me know what you think if you watch it, if you have a chance.

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