A Song for Blessed Beginnings

new year’s chance anew
as is the morrow’s coming
and the moment next



About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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15 Responses to A Song for Blessed Beginnings

  1. Quest Sickle says:

    Wonderful poem, Kurt.

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  2. hersey97 says:

    An amazing but simple poem. I love your work

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  3. Aimer Boyz says:

    Reblogged this on aimerboyz and commented:
    Concise, precise, profound, perfect :)

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  4. Aimer Boyz says:

    Stunningly simple expression of a truth that bears repeating.

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  5. AfricTrans says:

    inspiring thank you

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  6. Pat says:

    Lovely words for the new year.

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  7. PreciousRhymes says:

    Dear Kurt,
    So humbled with your visit and follow today. Blessings from the heart for this year to you and many thanks for leading me to your wonderful world.
    Closing with Gratitude and Respect.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. buttercup600 says:

    Just beautiful 💚

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