A Song for the Martyrs for Freedom

worship what thou shalt
live, die, indeed kill for it
freedom, I’m for thee




23 Replies to “A Song for the Martyrs for Freedom”

  1. There is no way with integrism and destruction of people and ideas.
    There is no innovation without free idea and ability to think what women an men want to think.
    There is no possible solution if there is not the indignation of every citizen facing human barbarity.
    If you are interested by this post, you can access to it and read also my website at: http://worldofinnovations.net/2015/01/07/je-suis-charlie-no-innovation-without-free-ideas/

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  2. I posted on the same topic. Thanks for your post, Thanks for your beautiful words. What happened in my country yesterday is devastating, for the freedom of expression, for the principles of tolerance and respect. And last but definitely not least for all the moderate Muslims who’ll again be assimilated to those terrorists who disfigure their religion.

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  3. Lovely words Kurt. What a horrible, dreadful, disgusting action this was.. The Dutch news showed footage of a police officer being shot multiple times.. I don’t think that image will go away from my brain soon..

    Luckily they have the first bastard, the youngest murderer, his brothers will be captured any time now (I think, and hope).

    Recently 2 teens were arrested in my home town. They went to Syria to train with these extremist. Terrorist in the making.. It shows that every country should be ready to be attacked.

    No words but sadness, and anger raging through my mind. I am afraid the Dutch penal system will be to kind to these boys and release them too soon. It happened before.

    There are some serious issues in The Netherlands right now. We have lots of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants living here, and the atmosphere is getting more tens. Recently two Moroccans wanted to rob a jeweller in The Netherlands and threatened to kill him pointing a gun at him. His wife was in the back-office, saw it on the security cameras and stormed in shooting both robbers. Now the Maroccan community want his wife to be jailed for life and expect an apology since she murdered two innocent man (because they weren’t evil according to the family)!

    Now in Turkey Dutch journalist are being arrested by the Turkish police, since they wrote: “Turkeys journalist have no freedom of speech”, and because they showed the world what evil government the Turkeys government truly is (trying to get the sharia in Turkey to rule – another Iraq in the making?).

    Let’s hope the government acts wisely. It is a delicate situation: rule with an iron fist (a Dutch way to say: be a hard ruler), and you’re next for an assassination by a terrorist organisation. Rule too softly and your countries original inhabitants get angry.. I am glad, I am not a politician right now ;)

    Pff, what a rant huh? Let’s hope the next days are calmer. Also in France.
    My thoughts and feelings are with the France right now. They too have many problems with muslim immigrants. Shame for the innocent immigrants, Syria has these troubles every day..

    Love and peace to you and your beloved ones mate!

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    1. Heavy heart. Heavy times. With this going on and my country still dealing with our own troubling internal issues of race relations, cop killings…it’s a mad world.

      Love and peace to you and yours, as well, my much appreciated friend.

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      1. Yeah, it seems like the world is on fire. And the last developments in Europe add to the fear, that Ferguson like scenarios might come over from the USA.

        It is a mad world. Luckily, there are countless wonderful moments, people, animals, flora, et cetera.

        Happy weekend mate!

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  4. It sounds like you have led a very interesting life. I wish you all the best in your writing and everything you put your hand to. Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope you will find something helpful there.


  5. Hey Kurt. Not that simple to be Charlie. I know CHARLIE HEBDO and what it stands for and I’ve been keeping notes of what’s happening in France ever since the massacres (not forgetting the Jewish Deli massacre).

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