Country Roads Are Like No Other no. 1


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10 thoughts on “COUNTRY ROADS ARE LIKE NO OTHER no. 1

  1. kanzensakura

    I had a good giggle about the haiku writers. I wrote my first haiku when I was six. I’m not that good at writing them, after all this time, but I do still enjoy the writing of haiku. Is only one submission allowed (as long as one does inundate you with more than three)?

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    1. Kurt Brindley Post author

      Hmm… Good question and thank you for asking, kanzensakura. I had to think about it for a bit and determined it best if we stay with just one submission per author for this challenge. Such is the tendency with haiku…can’t eat just one, so to speak. However, despite their diminutive appearance, the really good ones have the power and punch, and then some, of the most lengthy ballads. But you know all this without a doubt.

      So I ask that you please host your own haiku self-challenge and select the one you feel best represents the theme.

      And then I invite and encourage you to share the others with us at the Relating to Humans Poetry page.

      Can’t wait to read your poems, kanzensakura.
      Thanks again, my friend.


      1. kanzensakura

        I had decided already to submit several to my most ruthless friends to help me pick just one. But just wanted confirmation in case I was dithering between a couple. Not wanting to be pushy, but Ihave an all poetry blog, aki no koe at I am playing with the appearance at this point. Thanks for getting back to me with this information.

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  2. lifechaser1

    Your photo’s fill me with yearning to be in that place, to walk that road, to see that colour for myself and to feel the cold. So beautiful, I am another one that thinks you should sell them. You’re gifted x

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