the unattached life
virtue its highest virtue
prosochē its way

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8 thoughts on “Stoicus

    1. Kurt Brindley Post author

      Thank you for you kind and witty comment, Professor. Quite honored. Perhaps I could create a Relating to Humans Philosophy page (why don’t I already have one, I wonder) and invite you to compare and contrast this Western concept of the art of attention with Eastern concepts similar in spirit.


  1. PaulXylinides, May the mermaids sing to you ...

    Thank you for the introduction to this term. Apple’s “dictionary” couldn’t meet the challenge and I found the meaning of prosochē online. Also for its reminder of Christian meditative practice. And your haiku throws down its own challenge. By the way what happened to the snow? – You might detect a bit of an obsession from this part of the world.


    1. Kurt Brindley Post author

      Yeah, not much out there about it – basically Western Civilization’s concept of zen. You and everyone else will be hearing a lot more about prosochē from me soon.

      As for the snow…it’s still here and maybe more coming. Certainly more frigid Canadian temperatures are, at least. The posting of my photos is far from a linear process, which may explain the white stuff’s absence.




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