A contemplation of life’s profundity, beautifully and poetically so…courtesy of the lovely and loving Megi of HappyNest in America

HappyNest in America


Gazing subtle shadows of the winter sun

Sinking behind the distant trees

Wandering on the hazy farm road in the foreign land

Contempleting the meaning of my existence

*   *   *

にほんブログ村 アメリカ情報でも、更新記事をお届けしています。

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4 thoughts on “Gazing subtle shadows of the winter sun

    1. Kurt Brindley Post author

      I agree, as the lovely and loving Megi is rather a mystical and mysterious woman. I’m just happy she has finally decided to share her linguistic works of art with us in English, for my Japanese skills aren’t up to the task of fully grasping the deeper meanings and metaphors of her poetry…and neither is google’s translator.

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