Even now I laugh

Even now I laugh

even now I laugh
tho’ time like light flashes by
worry not shall I

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17 Replies to “Even now I laugh”

    1. To me, the old decrepit shed is a metaphor for what stares back at me in the mirror; and yet still I laugh and worry not for that shed of me is mere temporal and shall soon return to dust while its spirit of me is everlasting.


  1. I love this photograph! I like the haiku, but I’m a big fan of this theme in photography, a sort of rural decay, when objects have been abandoned by humankind and taken over by nature. It reminds me of a favorite Southern photographer, William Christenberry.

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    1. I’m happy to hear you enjoy the photo, COC. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me such a kind comment.. I’ll have to look into W. Christenberry as I am not familiar with his work. Thank you.


      1. Christenberry is well-known in a few different areas of art, but my favorite, and what I am guessing you’d like too, is his photographs of the rural South, mostly in his home state of Halle County, Alabama. He will also return to the same area year after year (a church, a barn, etc) and photograph the march of time and nature. His work, very similar to yours, is fascinating.

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  2. Thank you, Kurt, for capturing the beauty and the character of that old shack. The feeling of this post reminds me of Dylan Thomas:
    “Time held me green and dying, though I sang in my chains like the sea.” I think you and Dylan are right: as time rushes on, the only thing for it is to keep laughing and singing and dancing and loving.

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