Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between

in betwixt I am
the ascendance and the fall
the light and the dark

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20 Replies to “Somewhere Between”

  1. Last in line. The mighty oak holds on through the winter only shedding its flimsy shawl of leaves when spring arrives and room is needed for the new. Like a landing beacon to a fall squirrel hunter drawing us into their midst to sit and patiently wait for the scratch of claws on bark or the rustle of tiny four footed grays searching beneath for just one more acorn to be gathered.

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    1. Well, when you make it down here to the tropics, relative to your Great White Frozen Tundra up there, with wine in tow as promised, then I shall share both the horizon and your wine with you from the deck by the pool where the very picture was taken.



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