Eternal Roots

As Eternal As The Sky

roots born into ground
as eternal as the sky
hallowed thine remains

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6 Replies to “Eternal Roots”

  1. Powerful, Kurt. When our daughter died, we planted a grove of flowering apple trees on a hill in Terre Haute, and scattered her ashes in each of the holes before planting. Your haiku bridges earth and sky, now and forever, nature and the holy. It brings sweet consolation.

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    1. Oh my, John, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot think of a finer memorial for one loved than lending to the ground a sweet-fruited grove of apple trees in love and honor and remembrance. While words pale by comparison to that which they are meant to convey, I’m thankful the words of this poem spoke clearly enough to you, my friend, to feel that which came from my heart.

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