Country Roads Are Like No Other no.3

Country Roads Are Like No Other no.3

countless are the ways
destinations count but one
yonder lies the bend

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26 Replies to “Country Roads Are Like No Other no.3”

  1. I really enjoy your photos. As a graduate of West Virginia University, I’m well versed with country roads. They do always seem to take a person home, even if they relocated to Florida nearly a decade ago. John Denver’s song is so revered in the Mountain State, that it became the new state song early last year.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, cperrington. The beauty of West Virginia is near unmatched. And Florida is my second childhood home, as many of my relatives live there. Love it. And who can deny the perfection of John Denver’s classic song of Americana at its best.


  2. Black and white but mostly white. I think the road went that way. Oh! Black was ice now that’s not nice my tires just went that a way! I slide, I skid, I finally stop. Thank God for big white hills. To think if I had hit the cliff!!! It fills my soul with chills!

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