So I’ve been thinkin’…

Which is always a bit risky, I know.

But still, I’ve been thinking that since I am really digging all the artistic inspiration and beauty that has been outpouring from that little salon-like space of a newsletter full of love of ours lately (speaking of which, this evening around 8PMish I will present our Haiku Challenge selection along with a guest post from the author…I know, right. Awesomeness.) that perhaps we can bring some of that muse-like magic here to the blog, if you know what I mean.

So I’ve been thinking, which I may have already pointed out to you, that maybe we should start doing something similar – but different, of course – right here in this agora-like space of a blog full of love.

I was thinkin’ that maybe we could do one of those Daily Prompt Challenge thingies that we oh so often see happening all over the webarena…

Off the top o’ me noggin’ I was thinkin’ I’ll post a daily prompt each morning around 8AMish sometime in the morning, and then you all respond to the prompt by posting your prompted piece into the comment section of the prompt which was published prior (I’m getting dizzy), and then, after submissions close at 7PMish, I will select the piece that I feel best aligns with the spirit of the prompt and publish it around 8PMish that same evening. Kapish thus far?

Please no responses to prompts except prompt responses…huh? In other words, only prompt response submissions will be allowed in the comment section. All other comments will be deleted. I found with the Relating to Humans feature that comments and replies other than submissions muddle up the flow of things. So, apologies in advance if you write a kind comment that is not a submission response to a prompt and I end up deleting it.

In addition to having your piece published on the blog, if selected, I will also present to you a digital copy of one of my works published on Amazon. Author’s choice of book and digital format (mobi, epub, pdf).

We can start off with a two-week pilot program of sorts, beginning this Thursday, tomorrow. At the end of the pilot we’ll determine if it’s viable enough to continue. I’m hoping it is seeing how awesome and creative you all are on such a regular basis. But if it isn’t viable, then we’ll shut it down – no harm no foul, like.

So, off the top of me noggin’, here are the daily themes that I will prompt to and you will write to (subject to change based upon my whim and your feedback):

Memoir Monday – You will submit a reflection from your past in the form of your choice (poem, short essay, flash fiction, art, photography, etc.), as inspired by the prompt

Tanka Tuesday – You will submit a, you guessed it, tanka, as inspired by the prompt. Don’t know what a tanka is? Google does and s/he would be happy to explain.

Weird Wednesday – You will submit something abstract, avant garde, stream of consciousness perhaps, or whatever weird you can come up with in whatever form you wish to present your weirdness in, as inspired by the prompt.

Thoughtful Thursday – You will be writing as if you were Queen* of the World and submit a piece in a form of your choosing that reflects how you would make the world a better place, as inspired by the prompt.

Flash Fiction Friday – Blah blah blah, as inspired by the prompt.

Sonnet Saturday – Let’s get medieval! You will submit a, you guessed it, sonnet, as inspired by the prompt. And, as with the tanka, see Google for all knowable unknowns. Seeing how there were no submissions for Saturday’s prompt, this day, too, will be silent, thereby making both Saturday and Sunday a Wordless Weekend.

Silent Sunday – Remember that game our parents used to make us play as children? “Who can be the quietest?” Yeah, let’s take the day off on Sunday for some quiet time of prayer and meditation and internal rejuvenation…

It should be noted that, as stated in the Disclaimer page and the Relating to Humans guidelines, a “Like” by me does not necessarily mean I like or endorse a submitted work. My “Like” is foremost intended as a means of acknowledging a submission; though chances are pretty good I may like it, as well.

So, what do you think of my thinkin’? You diggin’ it? Yes, no, maybe so?

Let me know…


*non-gender specific


33 Replies to “So I’ve been thinkin’…”

    1. That’s all we can do is try… Your handle reminds me of a line in my old consulting resume that I was especially fond of: “A master at bringing order to chaos.” I’ll take The Fifth regarding the claim’s veracity or lack thereof; however, I always liked the way it sounded and what it implied…The Master of Chaos!


  1. I’m always up for a prompt :-) I suck at poetry, so I probably won’t take part in those – unless I’m seriously inspired! But the fiction on Fridays…definitely! The silent prompt for Sunday too – I can totally get behind that ;-)

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  2. My heart & brain both says try your best at all that you really want to, no matter even if it sounds challenging but sounds interesting. I recently started understanding Haiku…still want to be able to write one with ( 5/7/5). Now I googled Tanka…31 syllables…My Japanese poetry knowledge is sure increasing. :). Thanks Kurt!
    Whatever you bring up sounds interesting. I hope there will be something there for me to contribute & I can give my best to it.
    Otherwise will enjoy reading. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind, thoughtful comment, Priyanki. All we can do is give it our best when trying to meet and overcome new challenges. Fortunately, with poetry in specific and art in general, there are no wrong answers and all efforts equal success. Write on!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks a lot for introducing to Antony’s Music. Heard it with my headphones on & it left me….I’m inclined towards music myself & learning too… but this was something else. Blessed voice!
    Thanks Kurt for all the good work you are doing. I look forward to learn a lot here.

    Liked by 1 person


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