If I Were Queen* of the World… [Thoughtful Thursday Selection]

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown…

Leadership is about convincing those whom you lead to do those things that they would not otherwise do. It is about setting an example you wish for others to emulate. It is about making tough choices, choices that oftentimes are not popular, and sometimes even painful…or life ending.

If I were Queen* of the World, the first thing I most likely would do is abdicate my crown as I am not sure I could handle such responsibility.

But fortunately for us, this is merely an exercise of what ifs where the consequences of our imagination propagate barely beyond the borders of this page…

All three of today’s responses to the prompt bring great value to this what if exercise of sort we just put ourselves through. For we find if one were QOTW, she would wipe out Evil in its entirety and bring about total global peace, if even for just one day. We find if another were QOTW, she would leave the status quo essentially in its existential place, for it is up to the individual, each of us, to want to choose the Good over Evil for the goodness to have any viable meaning and in order for Evil to, maybe not be conquered, but at least set back on its heels a bit. And, another, our selection for this first Daily Writing Prompt thingie, brings both the wish to wipe out Evil in its entirety and the understanding that, even if she were QOTW, her powers would still have their limits, and that perhaps her greatest power is the example that she can provide for others in how one should live a life of peace, of how one should choose compassion over anger, and of how she, as QOTW, by her example of peace and compassion could provide a less dangerous world for all of us to live and thrive in so that no one, especially our children, would have to become a refugee as a result from the failure of others to achieve peace.



To be a refugee means to be displaced. I wish nobody on this planet be affected by wars of any kind, which forces them to leave their shelter. The thought of “children being refugees of war” gives me goosebumps, more so because I’m a mother myself & anything related to a child makes me think in a motherly manner. It hurts deeply to read about what all trauma they face being refugees, that too being oblivious of what’s going on?

When I think of the people behind these wars & wonder the kind of mental state they have, often leads me to lot of frustration. They are not aliens, they are people like us, we call them inhuman, but that does not change the fact that they are human beings.

We all wish & Pray to God to make this world a better place. We wish for change.

I think a child is like a seed. You need to take care of it well. Nurture it with love & care. Instill in them from the very start, the value of kindness, value of love & let them know what is acceptable & what’s not. If each one of us will do our bit, then every house will produce a kind adult.

Imagine the fragrance of the world with so many kind flowers blooming then.

If the queen propagates kindness maybe the world will follow the suit. All this may sound unimaginable in today’s world. But if we’re talking about me being the queen, I will talk about my ways. Yes! That’s what I believe. Everything can be fixed with love. Hatred only leads to grudges & war. Love & words of kindness have immense healing power.

The queen will let it’s people know…
1. Be kind to those who are kind to you.
2.You don’t always need weapons to convey your point, use your words instead.
3. Anger always takes away people’s balanced thinking power.
4.Only a calm mind has the power to think wise.

A very tough & sensitive situation to deal with. The queen will have to be strong too. Stand tall & face it all. Last, but not the least –

Believe that she can make this world a better place to live.

Thank you very much to all who responded to this first Daily Writing Prompt thingie. Pretty cool.

Priyanki, if you are interested in a digital copy of one of my selections available at Amazon, please let me know your choice via the Contact page.

Write on! And see you all tomorrow…#FFF


*non-gender specific



4 Replies to “If I Were Queen* of the World… [Thoughtful Thursday Selection]”

  1. A great idea for a writing prompt. I wouldn’t be able to handle such responsibility. The only thing I could think of was applying the rule ‘treat others the way you wanted to be treated’… as if the world was full of children.

    Priyanki’s response was insightful and honest. I really liked it.

    Liked by 1 person


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