In Celebration of Ground Hog Day…

The fam and I are heading to the movie theater to see “American Sniper.”

Consequently, our selection for Memoir Monday will be delayed several hours. I will say there are some wonderful submissions and as a result all who submitted a response to the prompt may have a free digital copy of one of my books or short story up on Amazon if so desired. Please contact me through the, you guessed it, Contact page to let me know your choice.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to watch this trailer repeatedly until I return and get the selection picked and published.



8 Replies to “In Celebration of Ground Hog Day…”

  1. My personal cubby hole was my bedroom. I could lock out the world. I would write for hours, or play my guitar and write many songs, for many hours. Sleep seemed somewhat unnecessary to me then. Often, I would stay up all night creating. This certainly explains my poor attendance in high school.

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